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About us

We are a trading company, which specialises in wholesaling of Polish lingerie on the markets worldwide.

The quality of Polish production, its modern design, originality and style have all already received approved recognition among many national customers. We believe that – with our share – Polish lingerie will will take place in the foreign portfolios and reach wide range of customers globally.

Our main goal is to build a stable bridge between Polish lingerie manufacturers and customers abroad.

Our company has been on the market for the last few years and delivered advising services for business. However, our expereince has even deeper roots. Working in the international environment for many past years, we’ve been adding our bricks for success of the companies in machinery, textile and FMCG industry. This is why we are not closed for any of your enquiry. In case you needed any product from these business's segments - let us know.

We are strongly convinced that our acquaintance with the local partners, as well as the knowledge of the foreign markets and being updated to all import-export, customs and logistic issues will benefit to our partners.

We always search partners in cooperation and we are open for any suggestions.

Why is it worth working with us?

  1. 1various products available in one offer
  2. 2consolidation of goods coming from many different manufacturers
  3. 3competitive prices
  4. 4delivery "to door" anywhere in the world with no extra paperwork to you
  5. 5high quality of the offered goods quaranteed
  6. 6reliability and confidence in mutual cooperation

Our offer

Our offer provides you with full assortment of the ligerie, which is available in many cuts, colours and sizes.

The products we recommend reflect international trends, base on modern production technologies and most of all they are distinguished by the beauty and comfort for its users.

Take a look on our proposals for:

- bras: push-up, soft, padded, sport-style, etc
- pants: panties, thongs, shorts
- corsets
- bodies
- nightwear: pyjamas, nightgowns, bathrobes
- special occasion lingerie: garters, chemises, peniuars


Our offer provides you also with wide assortment of FMCG products: soft drinks, confectionary, grocery, detergents, cosmetics, personal care products, especially when you are a small group, catering company, fmcg wholeser or any other type of food or non food distributor. We offer maximum flexibility when building the orders and the choice of the assortment can be done out of these manufacturers: